Jamestown’s First Bell Comes to Life

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Ben Sunderlin, the only traditional bellmaker in the United States, reconstructs the colony’s first bell with the aid of only a handful of bell fragments found in the excavations at the James Fort site. Witness as one of the most important early sounds of Jamestown comes back after remaining silent for over four hundred years.

Christian Politics

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Christian Politics and the Christian Worldview. My friends at Summit Ministries in Colorado continue their video series laying out a comprehensive Biblical Christian Worldview. Part 8 of 11

Please visit for more videos and resources for understanding and developing a Biblical Christian Worldview, including various Summit camps and retreats.

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O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing (Full) | NBC News

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The Nevada Parole Board convenes to decide whether O.J. Simpson will be released from prison. Simpson is currently serving a 33-year sentence for robbing sports memorabilia dealers in 2008.

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O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing (Full) | NBC News

Antique Otis traction elevator @Hampshire house Cheers Beacon HIll (Bull and Finch Pub) Boston MA

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this is a nice old elevator, taken on my Sony Handycam CCD-TRV87 Facebook:
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Madison Park – Eric Motley

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Welcome to Madison Park, a small community in Alabama founded by freed slaves in 1880. And meet Eric Motley, a native son who came of age in this remarkable place where constant lessons in self-determination, hope, and unceasing belief in the American dream taught him everything he needed for his journey to the Oval Office as a Special Assistant to President George W. Bush.

Eric grew up among people whose belief was to “give” and never turn away from your neighbor’s need. There was Aunt Shine, the goodly matriarch who cared so much about young Motley’s schooling that she would stand up in a crowded church and announce Eric’s progress or his shortcomings. There was Old Man Salery, who secretly siphoned gasoline from his beat-up car into the Motley’s tank at night. There were Motley’s grandparents, who bought books for Eric they couldn’t afford, spending the last of their seed money. And there was Reverend Brinkley, a man of enormous faith and simple living. It was said that whenever the Reverend came your way, light abounded. Life in Madison Park wasn’t always easy or fair, and Motley reveals personal and heartbreaking stories of racial injustice and segregation. But Eric shows how the community taught him everything he needed to know about love and faith.

This charming, engaging, and deeply inspiring memoir will help you remember that we can create a world of shared values based on love and hope. It is a story that reveals the amazing power of faith in God and each other. If you’re in search of hope during troubled times, look no further than Madison Park.

Two churches set on fire in Dolan Springs

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Arson suspected, destroyed church will be rebuilt.

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I do NOT vandalize or cause any trouble. I go explore abandoned buildings/ forgotten places because thats what I love to do. I take pictures of the places I explore because to me they are nice . you can see them on my instagram or facebook.

Filmed with Samsung Nx1 and Gopro Hero 3 black edition *

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Cashflowing Apartment Building for sale in Georgetown, Toronto, Ontario Real Estate

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Detailed information

Here’s another great nine plex that isn’t listed anywhere in the public domain ready for sale.

The owner is retiring and is liquidating their portfolio and have started with this gem. This property is a legal nine plex with a huge lot and amazing break down of the costs. The cap rate based on purchase price is 6.5% which is better than anything I’ve seen over the past year. Last property that I sold close to this cap rate was in Acton which fetched 6.9% for a small 6 plex conversion similar to this building.

I have a lot of details included in the video so be sure to post any comment or questions in the section below or reach out to me via filling out the form.

After Harvey hit, one Texas nursing home evacuation began with a gun drawn

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Residents lay on sofas waiting to be evacuated from the Cypress Glen senior care facility in Port Arthur, Texas, which was inundated with water from Hurricane HarveyARTHUR, Texas – The front doors to the Lake Arthur Place nursing home were locked when Ben Husser and his team of volunteer rescuers arrived on boats. He knocked, and when somebody cracked open the entrance, he pushed his way in. The hallways smelled like feces. An old woman in a wheelchair was trembling, her feet dangling in nearly 12 inches of floodwater from Tropical Storm Harvey. “What’s going on here?” Husser asked a nurse. “Why is she shaking? Is she cold?”Husser, a 45-year-old audio engineer who had hurricane relief experience with the Louisiana Air National Guard, had borrowed a friend’s boat and come to help.